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"Spaceship" with a strong sense of future

What about the next generation of subways?

No Cab - passengers can experience the speed and passion of high-speed driving in the first row of seats in the subway from the perspective of the driver.

The window is a touch screen display screen - which buses can be taken in each subway station, which scenic spots and shopping malls are around the station, and what news information are there on that day? Touch the window to get the answer.

The "spaceship" with a strong sense of future - streamlined front, silver and blue car body, makes the vehicle full of a sense of technology and future. And the application of new materials on the car body also makes the subway "fly" faster after weight reduction

Different pictures correspond to safety, intelligence, environmental protection and other key words, as well as technological breakthroughs in driverless, large capacity vehicle ground communication, all carbon fiber vehicle structure and so on.

Recently, under the leadership of Qi Yuwen, the design manager of the "next generation subway" project of the overall R & D Department of CRRC Changke Co., Ltd., the reporter set foot on the next generation subway. The train is the latest train developed by CRRC Changke for the project of "research and demonstration application of next generation metro vehicle technology" by the Ministry of science and technology. 28 breakthrough technologies of "getting on" have comprehensively improved the technical level of rail transit equipment and led the development of urban rail vehicles in the direction of green, energy saving and environmental protection.

Green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction are the future development trend of metro trains, while the next generation of metro will realize another "speed up" on the way to the "future".